Walk to a Finnish forest combined with berry/ mushroom picking

Trip takes place in the nearby Sarvikallio forest area. During the trip you will learn more about Finnish forests and animals.

Every participant will receive a cup, where one collects the berries one has picked. In autumn season, one will receive a mushroom basket to fill in. Among most common berries you can find are raspberries, wild blueberries and wild strawberries. In autumn, you can find for instance many species of boletes.

During the walk, we will gently hike to Sarvikallio’s viewpoint to see wide glance over the beautiful lake Tuusula. Viewpoint place was very important to the lake Tuusula’s artist community in beginning of 19thcentury. One of the artists who used to come here for inspiration was the world-famous composer Jean Sibelius. We can also see famous painter Pekka Halonen’s home and studio from Sarvikallio’s cliff. Pekka Halonen loved the scenery so much that he painted many of his paintings at this area.

After forest walk, we spend some time by campfire site. The guide prepares you coffee in a traditional Finnish way – by the open fire – and everyone can cook their own pancakes by the fire. You can eat the pancakes with the delicious berries which you have just picked! If we find mushrooms, guide can cook them too.

Starting point:

Sarvikallio forest parking area. You can take a taxi or walk there from the villas. Distance is 2,5 kilometres and it takes approx. 30 minutes to walk there.

Trip duration: 1-2 hours

1-5 persons 300 €
6-10 people 450 €
11-20 people 700 €
21-30 people 900 €
31- people ask for offer

Prices include VAT

Price does not include transportation.
Coffee made by traditional way by the open fire and pancakes with jam ->12€/person (minimum charge 120€)



Kalamestarintie 6 A, 04300 Tuusula

+358 40 523 3337



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